How to heal

I'm all set on my lotions, soaps, non-scented everything in my life. (So no worries on advice for that) However, my upper lip has literally cracked open like a road map, and certain areas just will not heal. I've tried Aquaphor, and recently Bag Balm, but these open cuts remain. Suggestions not for eczema treatments, but open skin healers, please!!! (Thanks in advance)

good lip balms?

Hi all - this is not strictly eczema-related, but I do have eczema so figured someone here might be able to help me out.

I'm having trouble finding a good lip balm/chapstick kind of thing. The petroleum-based type doesn't seem to work for me and my lips get dry again as soon as each coat wears off.

What I really wish I could find is a "chapstick" that I can also use on the rest of my skin. Right now I've been using body moisturizers on my lips but those are usually a pain to carry around, so I'd like something in actual "stick" or at least "tiny tub" form.

Unfortunately, I am also allergic to coconut, sesame, sunflower, and avocado -- all of which are commonly used in the non-petrolum-based, natural types.

Any suggestions?

EDIT 7/20/2010: I found this stuff -- Nanak's Lip Smoothee -- at a local natural foods store that is working great. I also used it on my fingers (which tend to get really dry and flaky) and it was great as a moisturizer. The black kind contains Apricot and Canola oils, beeswax, lechitin, vitamin E, aloe vera and flavors, and PABA.

As a bonus for any masculine people looking for lip balm, the packaging is very neutral/non-feminine. :P

Introduction, and a question about antibiotics.

Name: Helen
Location: UK
Do you have eczema? Do you know what kind? Seborrheic dermatitis. I have it mostly on my cheeks and upwards to my forehead and eyebrows (resulting in about half of each eyebrow falling out over the past few years, gaaaaaah D: D: D:) and I also get it more mildly on my scalp, particularly at the front, around my hairline. More recently it's been spreading to on my nose and chin as well.
How long have you had it/been diagnosed? I've had it mildly since I was about 16, but was only diagnosed last year with a rather vague "eczema" when it got a lot worse. I was diagnosed specifically with seborrheic eczema in March this year.
Any tips or tricks for fellow eczema sufferers? Not really. My only tip is that probiotics and topical raw honey seem to help. It's early days though - I can't say I've yet found a way to get the bumpy redness to go away completely.
How did you hear about us? LJ search for eczema. :)

I have a question -

Recently I was on a 2 month course of high dose oxytetracycline because my dermatologist is convinced that I have rosacea (I disagree! but that's something else). I've finished the course now, but during those 2 months my eczema became absolutely unmanageable and my face looked appalling by the end. Every inch of my skin was itchy and inflamed and covered in the bumpy red rash. It was unbearably itchy and it looked nasty - I didn't want to go out anywhere where people could see my face. :| I didn't want anyone to look at me.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience with antibiotics?? Or am I just really unlucky in this regard?

It's been a bit better now that I'm no longer on antibiotics, I'm megadosing on probiotics and slathering raw honey on my face a few times a day. It's not perfect but better than it was. It fluctuates. I can't help thinking those antibiotics really set me back though. I'm stuck taking loads of probiotics because when I stop the eczema seems to get a lot worse again. D:
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Eczema on hands

Hi guys!

So lately I've been very stressed out, and I think this might be reflecting on my hands. I've started getting the bubbly kind of eczema all over my hands. (The kind that will then dry out and then peel off and/or crack, etc.) It's mainly focused on the fingers of my dominant right hand, but spreading elsewhere as well. I've been trying to lotion, but it seems to just keep getting worse.
Any ideas? It started before I moved to where I am now. I haven't changed my diet in any drastic way, recently. I haven't changed my laundry detergent recently. I'm using the same lotion and shampoo/conditioner.
The only factors that I can seem to narrow down are:
A.) Stress
B.) Change of seasons (Winter to Spring and Summer to Fall always seem to herald some kind of issue with my skin/eczema)

I already take Claritin every day, and as I said, I lotion a lot.
Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do to stop it from getting worse and/or make it go away? Or any ideas on something else that might be contributing?
I can't afford to go to the doctor/dermatologist at the moment, so that option is out.

Thanks in advance!
(It might take me a while to respond as I work overnights, and sleep during the day)



Name - Bronagh
Location - Kilmarnock/Aberdeen, Scotland
Do you have eczema? Do you know what kind? I have atopic eczema
How long have you had it/been diagnosed? I've had it since I was born, so nearly 21 years. 
Do you have any tricks for eczema sufferers? The dreaded "don't scratch"...cause it's that easy. :P Other than that, moisturise! 
Any suggestions for eczematic? Not at the moment!
How did you hear about us? Through a very helpful fellow eczema sufferer at my Uni :)

So it's 4.17am just now and my boyfriend is lying next to me fast asleep and I have work  tomorrow morning...and I'm pretty sure the clocks change today and I can't get to sleep because my eczema is itching so badly. :(

Does anyone have any methods for night time, or just in general for when it get's really unbearably itchy that I can try?
What I normally do before bed is - 
Put on Epaderm ointment as a moisturiser from my neck to my ankles then put on my cotton jammies. But, no matter what moisturiser I use, I always itch afterwards. So then I'll sit about for a while and wait for it to stop itching as much. Then as soon as I go to bed, it get's so so so sore again. So I'll take a Fexofenidine [or however you spell it] antihistamine then I'll put some anti-itch 0.5% hydrocortisone on it [I'm avoiding using betnovate cream or any high dosage steroids.] Then I'll drink some horlicks to help me sleep...but it's really not happening tonight. 
If anyone has any advice, fire it my way! 

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Recs - physiogel and sonia rykiel

Hi all,

Popping by to say that I've been trying this cream that is working really well for me. I wanted to scream about it to this community ages ago, but I made sure that I've tried it for 3 months before sharing it with you all ;-)

I only heard about this cream through my colleague, whose doctor friends in Hong Kong apparently buy boxloads of this cream and recommend it to their patients who suffer from eczema. The best thing about it is that it doesn't contain any hydrocortisone. It took me a long time to wean off that stuff, so I'm definitely not going back there again.

This cream is called Physiogel. They have a whole series of skincare products which is supposed to be good for preventing symptoms, but I've only tried the cream, which is for when you actually have the symptoms. I used it every day for about 3 weeks, and while I still get a bit itchy now and again (I want to let my skin try to battle the last stretch of the way), it's very bearable and I don't need to apply the cream anymore, just moisturiser.

The strange thing is that the cream is labelled 'hypoallergenic', so it's targetted at allergy-sufferers. So it -may- not work for certain types of eczema, but it's certainly worked for me. My previous symptoms were skin flaking off of my face, concentrating on the eyelids which made it difficult to open my eyes, itching, redness, pus.

Edit: I just checked the Physiogel website, the cream is recommended to people who suffer from atopic dermititus. Just so you know :)


I also switched skincare products recently, and it's done really lovely stuff to my skin. I used to use Shiseido's 'Basic Skin care', and it was great for my sensitive skin. Increasingly though, it irritated my skin, and so I switched to using just aqueous cream (which is so greasy it gives me spots, ack, spots AND flaky skin). My mum recently got me to try Sonia Rykiel's skincare products, and it's so soothing~ No prickly pain at all! And not greasy either, most of their stuff seems to be gel-based, but somehow still gives enough moisture (I live in the UK where it is very dry).


That's it for my rec. I also use organic shampoos and conditioners without SFS, and I've tried to cut out shellfish cos I've noticed that it triggers my eczema (I do so love shellfish though ;_;). Wishing you all the best of luck!

Just joining...

Name: Erin.
Location: NC, USA.

Do you have eczema? Do you know what kind?
Yeah, apparently. I just started having wierd symptoms lately with my hands and with a lot of research I'm 98% sure I have (mild, so far) dyshidrosis.

It's only on my hands, and I absolutely hate it, to be honest. I've been spending the last few days researching, trying to figure out everything I could possibly do to make it go away.

So far, nothing really big vesicle-wise. I've had a few that are close enough to the surface to pop but nothing bad. Most of them have been under the skin. My hands hurt ridiculous amounts because of them. I've got one finger already that's entirely peeled and cracked and dark red. I have two more that are on their way and a rough spot on my left palm I expect to begin peeling.

I know it's not from winter dryness. I suspect stress is a big cause. I should mention, because of what I've heard, that yes, I'm a sweaty-handed person. Haha. I've always been that way.

My problems skin/immune-wise in the past... at one point I had a mild allergy to either eucalyptus or tea tree oil. It made my hands get reddish and swell a bit, and made my lips/eyes go crazy swollen.

I've always noticed that when I had a lot of stress in my life I'd get reddish, swollen hands that itched - completely out of the blue. I'd gotten used to it and obviously made the connection with stress. It's never been like this, though.

How long have you had it/been diagnosed?
The symptoms of stress = swollen itchy red hands have been around for a long time. This whole vesicle-y painful itchy red horribleness just started about a month ago.

Any tips or tricks for fellow eczema sufferers?
Not especially. I just learned that I should probably not try to use oil on the parts of my hands that are getting dry and cracked/peeling. Haha. Just made my hands about ten time more itchy and swollen.

Any suggestions for eczematic?
Nope. Just joined after all.

How did you hear about us?
I did a LJ search. Because I knew there had to be a community.
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Curious thoughts...

Hi everyone,

On a trip to the orthopaedic ward at the hospital today, I happened to mention to my doctor that I have eczema. He commented that I was very double-jointed, and that he sees that in quite a few eczema patients. 

So now I'm curious - are any of you double-jointed? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
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Coconut Oil

So I joined this community a while back in desperate needs of a remedy for my eczema without having to vist the docotor. I think I may have found my answer! 
On my journay to take better care of my skin and hair I have learned that I am very sensitive to sulfates (my skin absolutely hates the stuff!) I now use a SLS-free shampoo and natural soap that I bought from Naturalhandcraftedsoap.com (I am currently using the goat and cocnut milk one but plan to try others) and my skin is nowhere near as dry when i step out of the shower and I still feel very clean. I then pat my skin making sure not to totaly dry myself and then apply lotion. After that I take some cocnut oil let it melt in my palms and then message it onto my whole body.
I do this at night and then go to bed and when I wake up in the morning my whole body feels smooth! In the morning I don't even have to use lotion I just put some coconut oil on my eczema and then get dressed. I don't itch at all and best of all the year long spreading eczema outbreak I've had has begun to heal! I was just happy to not itch anymore but it's healing now.
Hope this helps.