ren (taxishoes) wrote in eczematic,

HELLLP! I am being mummified by my eczema!

Has anyone read the WebMD article about eczema where it tells you to "avoid sweating or overheating"? On the one hand, I am glad I'm not just crazy for thinking that sweat makes me super itchy and makes my eczema worse . . . on the other hand, how am I supposed to NOT SWEAT?

I've been bicycle commuting for almost a year now. Since it got cold outside, my eczema has gotten really bad in a brand new (to me) way: it is just really, really, super dry. When I sit in a place and then stand up, I have left a circle of skin flakes like an autumn tree drops leaves. I apply aloe, Aveeno moisturizer, Crisco, Cetaphil moisturizer . . . individually or all at once, layered like a lasagna of oil.

Ten minutes later, my skin is flaking off. And it's still been really itchy the whole time.

Internally, I have been taking zinc picolinate for years because it improved my skin. About a month ago I added evening primrose oil. It didn't seem to do much, but things got worse when I stopped, so I started taking it again. Now I've started fish oil supplements (I am allergic to flax) and a probiotic.


I'm broke or I'd try acupuncture. I do have health insurance, so I am seeing a dermatologist soon, but I don't really think there is anything he will be able to give me because it is hardly a rash, more just extreme dryness with some scaly patches.
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