rebasaurusrex (rebasaurusrex) wrote in eczematic,

Blame it on the Alcohol?

SOMETHING keeps on making my eczema flare up and I can't pinpoint what it is.
Is it the weather? (It's gotten considerably colder in the last few weeks and where I live is dry. Darn Canada!)
Also, everytime after I drink booze, I get an eczema flare up a few days later. Is that a pure coincidence
...Or maybe it's a certain sunscreen I'm using? 
Does anyone have any input/experience about this?

My flare ups are on my face, I have dry patches on my chin, near my eyes, and a few patches on my cheeks! Currently I'm treating it with 1% hydrocortisone cream [Prevex HC].
Ugh this is incredibly frustrating.
Maybe someone can let me know if booze is a factor in eczema flare ups.. (This would suck a LOT seeing as I do like to party from time to time.) I've also binge drank when I was younger and hadn't experienced an eczema flare up afterwards, so maybe it's not related at all OR I just developed an adult onset allergy?

Thanks. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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