perioral dermatitis

does anyone on here get perioral dermatitis?

i've been getting it since i was little, but didn't know what it was until my last outbreak. now i have it again, but feel empowered with knowing what it is! in the past when i had it (every couple of years), i went through millions of self-diagnoses, and all sorts of crazy treatments that just made it worse.

please share your treatment plans, or let's just have a huge complaining fest!

blarrggg why is my skin so sensitive but also so stupidly specific about its sensitivities? it's like a spoiled child.

The Neurological Basis of Pruritis

I came across this article recently in the New Yorker about a woman who had an itch so bad that she scratched through her scalp, skull, and into her brain. Another patient died from scratching through his carotid artery.

Interesting article. I have certainly felt this way at the height of an eczema flareup. I've also bound my hands and taped up my nails because I was scratching in my sleep. I hope the research community continues to come up with practical solutions to this.

Perioral dermatitis & Eczema

After suffering from eczema and Perioral dermatitis for many years I seem to have finally found the key (at least for me). I had a bad case of Perioral dermatitis a couple of weeks ago and of course couldn't get in to see a dermatologist for a month and a half. I finally talked my G.P. into prescribing Nystatin & Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. She didn't want to, as many seem to think this combo makes things worse in the long run. I used it very sparingly for just 5 days and the swelling and redness were gone. As it was healing I also started using a botanical skin oil with a variety of oils, apricot kernel, sesame, avocado, etc. One of the key ingredients I think was caprylic/capric triglyceride. If anyone is interested, I'll be glad to tell you the brand. I just want you to know I'm not advertising or recommending this product. I also have been very careful to clean my face morning and night with a natural cleanser containing G.S.E. (Grapefruit Seed Extract). Now that my face is completely cleared up, I have been applying the botanical oil morning and night after cleansing with the G.S.E. and using the oil anytime my face feels dry. My skin just seems to drink it up. At least for me it seems that my rash was mostly caused by a fungal infection. I have been using the oil on my hand eczema also and it is slowly going away. I'm thinking that all the years of using cortisone cream on my face and hands may have weakened my skin to fungal infections. My research has told me that G.S.E. and caprylic acid are both antifungal. By the way I also have gone on every diet known to man to try to get rid of this darn stuff and now I'm wondering if it hasn't been a problem with fungus right from the start. I have also taken allergy shots many times over the years to no avail (didn't help my hay fever either). By the way I have been battling with eczema for more than 50 years.
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HELLLP! I am being mummified by my eczema!

Has anyone read the WebMD article about eczema where it tells you to "avoid sweating or overheating"? On the one hand, I am glad I'm not just crazy for thinking that sweat makes me super itchy and makes my eczema worse . . . on the other hand, how am I supposed to NOT SWEAT?

I've been bicycle commuting for almost a year now. Since it got cold outside, my eczema has gotten really bad in a brand new (to me) way: it is just really, really, super dry. When I sit in a place and then stand up, I have left a circle of skin flakes like an autumn tree drops leaves. I apply aloe, Aveeno moisturizer, Crisco, Cetaphil moisturizer . . . individually or all at once, layered like a lasagna of oil.

Ten minutes later, my skin is flaking off. And it's still been really itchy the whole time.

Internally, I have been taking zinc picolinate for years because it improved my skin. About a month ago I added evening primrose oil. It didn't seem to do much, but things got worse when I stopped, so I started taking it again. Now I've started fish oil supplements (I am allergic to flax) and a probiotic.


I'm broke or I'd try acupuncture. I do have health insurance, so I am seeing a dermatologist soon, but I don't really think there is anything he will be able to give me because it is hardly a rash, more just extreme dryness with some scaly patches.

4th year dissertation

 Hi everyone, 

I am looking for some help! 
This time, it is not with my skin, but with an dissertation about skin. I am in my honours year of my degree in Fine art (painting) and I am writing a dissertation on skin, eczema, art, disease and relating it all to Freud's theories of the uncanny.

What would be great from as many people as possible is if you could write an explanation of what eczema feels and looks like to you. Use as much - or as little - descriptive language as possible, just in your own words...and if you have any other knowledge that you might want to grant upon me, that would be very much appreciated :) 

If you don't want to post it on here, you can email it to me - 

Thanks in advance my friends! 

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Problems faced as a new college freshman

Name: Ananya Mishra
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Do you have eczema? Do you know what kind? Yes, atopic dermatitis
How long have you had it/been diagnosed?  I have had it since I was 2 months old, so 18 years and some odd months now.
Any tips or tricks for fellow eczema sufferers? Moisturize! Listen to your body. Always remember to take care of your skin, even when you're tired.
Any suggestions for eczematic? N/A
How did you hear about us?
Honestly, I was sick and tired of my eczema and I wanted support. I Googled eczema sufferers and found you guys :)

Anyway, here is my story. I have had severe atopic dermatitis since infancy. It improved for a while, and I have been learning how to manage it lately, but I always have flare-ups when I'm stressed or upset. My skin always freaks out when it is dry and cold outside, so I was glad when I found out that Atlanta is humid most of the time. I thought my eczema would improve when I came to college...Not so!

My eyelids and various spots on my face have been flaking dry skin, regardless of how much I moisturize. It has gotten to where there is a spot above my left eyebrow that is permanently raw and red. I have also been suffering from a cold this past week, so my upper lip has turned flaky and raw. I feel so self-conscious about my flaky, red skin. I feel like everybody can notice it. I try to avoid scratching when I itch, but a lot of times, I just can't help it. I am so worried that people see me scratching or see my skin flake off and think I'm some sort of huge freak!

I just want to talk to people I can relate to with regards to my insecurities about my appearance resulting from my eczema. I feel like on top of every girl's normal insecurities about looks, I have my worries about people noticing my eczema and not understanding. It makes me feel like I am unattractive, which I know isn't true. I just feel upset a lot about my skin.

Any words of wisdom?

Hard water / soft water

Has anyone here noticed an improvement in their eczema upon moving to an area with softer water, or washing with filtered water? Any effects whatsoever from changes in water quality?

I got really curious when, for the third time, I spent a few weeks in the US and my seborrheic eczema cleared up. It started to get irritated again every time I got back home. The water where I stayed was noticeably MUCH softer than my water at home so that got me thinking... and I found a lot of articles online that suggested hard water could aggravate skin conditions like eczema.

I acquired one of those filter jugs and I've been washing my face and scalp with the filtered water for the past month. I'm wary of speaking too soon but the difference is huge! My skin has been sooooooooo much less irritated for the past month using this filter, flakiness is much improved and the redness across my cheeks has gone down enormously. I really think it must be the water, because nothing else has changed. :)

Blame it on the Alcohol?

SOMETHING keeps on making my eczema flare up and I can't pinpoint what it is.
Is it the weather? (It's gotten considerably colder in the last few weeks and where I live is dry. Darn Canada!)
Also, everytime after I drink booze, I get an eczema flare up a few days later. Is that a pure coincidence
...Or maybe it's a certain sunscreen I'm using? 
Does anyone have any input/experience about this?

My flare ups are on my face, I have dry patches on my chin, near my eyes, and a few patches on my cheeks! Currently I'm treating it with 1% hydrocortisone cream [Prevex HC].
Ugh this is incredibly frustrating.
Maybe someone can let me know if booze is a factor in eczema flare ups.. (This would suck a LOT seeing as I do like to party from time to time.) I've also binge drank when I was younger and hadn't experienced an eczema flare up afterwards, so maybe it's not related at all OR I just developed an adult onset allergy?

Thanks. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
He Lives!, Baby, Morticia

Retro Lush!

So, for a long time I had scalp eczema and psoriasis. Nothing helped, but one product by Lush called Recon. And then they discontinued (for the second time). Well, although my scalp problems are currently in remission, I just discovered that Lush has developed a Retro line of products that were previously discontinued... and they have included Recon in it! (wOOt!) So, if you're having scalp eczema or P. problems, and nothing is giving you relief, here is your chance to try Recon!

(uh, this is not a paid advertisement... I know it reads like one, but I am just excited)

*Posted to eczematic and psoriasis*
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