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perioral dermatitis

does anyone on here get perioral dermatitis?

i've been getting it since i was little, but didn't know what it was until my last outbreak. now i have it again, but feel empowered with knowing what it is! in the past when i had it (every couple of years), i went through millions of self-diagnoses, and all sorts of crazy treatments that just made it worse.

please share your treatment plans, or let's just have a huge complaining fest!

blarrggg why is my skin so sensitive but also so stupidly specific about its sensitivities? it's like a spoiled child.


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Jul. 31st, 2012 01:57 am (UTC)
Im not 100% sure on what type my eczema is....
But the latest I had a cortisone shot over 2 years ago... This worked like magic, i have never had clearer skin in my life!!!
It also lasted the whole summer, which was lovely.
This winter has been tragic, i am currently on pred (oral) and have been the last 3 months, my specialist see's no end to this until i can start my treatment to kill off Malassezia (fungus eczema sufferers carry).
Am on calcium supplements also, and omega 3 oil (flaxseed would work too, if you are allergic to fish).
Loratidine and antibiotics (staff infection).

All of this, and i still have alot of pain, skin is either tight or flaking off everywhere. Itchy and swollen.

This is my life.
Nov. 19th, 2012 10:41 am (UTC)
Hi. I'm up at 2:00 am right now because I just got a flare up on my left three fingers and i scratch it so bad, i scratch and pick off a layer of skin to revel the weeping holes underneath! I then rub topical prescription steroids on it and wrap it all up in several bandages. I've had eczema since I was 2 years old and I'm 48 now. I've tried many topical remedies that are non prescription nothing really works and sometimes made things worse.

I am a stay at home mom now so I have very limited income and can't invest in a whole lot of healthcare. Recently, I tried to eliminate certain single types of foods i have been eating all my life.

I tried to stay away from cow's milk for a month and drank soy, but I did not notice a significant drop in flare ups. Then I tried eggs. When i do not eat any eggs for a least two-three weeks, my eczema subsides and I barely have any flare ups. I have not tried a total elimination diet of a certain food such as breads containing eggs which I will try next. The reason why I'm up now is because I've been eating eggs again the last 4 days so this must work!

I don't think staying away from certain foods will stop eczema completely because skin is on the outside and is in contact with many external irritants. But
I believe (now) what goes inside will help alleviate some of the non environmental flare ups we all have. Especially if we are doing all we can on the outside. Plus it doesn't cost anything to try eliminating certain foods.

Maybe, try really looking at the foods you are eating - what have you been eating all your life? Then try to eliminate it for maybe 2 weeks or a month you have to really stick to it though - no cheating like putting a little cream in your coffee or like me, " oh I feel fine now, it wont hurt to have a few eggs again"

:) Hope this helps some of you!

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